Here comes my second game!

2011-03-24 09:18:59 by Thiezar

I'm proud to announce the publishing of my second game: King Pong. This time I'm very happy because I think I made a better job. And I really hope you enjoy it. Thank tho Newgrounds I also found a great music theme for it.
A friend told me about an old ASCII game about two gorillas throwing to each others exploding bananas with prabolic trajectory. Here's the idea. So I made this game.
I will be very happy to read your comments.

Here comes my second game!

First Game Added!

2011-01-20 15:31:32 by Thiezar

Hi everybody!
This community is AWESOME! I love it! It's so cool, well organized and with a fantastic community. I didn't think twice before posting my VERY FIRST game. It's just a little thing but I'm proud of it :-)
It's G-Ball and it was supposed to be a challenging game. In fact it's a little hard at beginning but in a few plays you'll get the feeling and the skill to try to finish all 9 levels and be the best player!
You can play it HERE.
Please rate it and review it. I'm really interested in your opinion.

If you want to contact me here's my e-mail address: